Varenummer: Tornado 2

-Self cleaning
-High spray dwell time
-Identical to Tempest and Typhoon for maintenance purposes
-Special locking mechanism for marine application
-27 meter cleaning diameter
-1 1/2" threads


The Breconcherry Tornado is an orbital cleaner unit which is empowered by a simple turbine drive. This enables a minimal maintenance and running cost. It is considered to be one of those powerful machines in its class. A smooth exterior feature, integrated with the unit's cleaning capabilities, grants an extensive hygienic exterior surface which is ideal for utilization in various environments. A unification of the unit with the Veri-Clean validation system creates an even more efficient cleaning assembly.

The Turnado is compatible for employment with all operations which necessitate for hygiene equipment. It is enabled to clean equipment and vessels which come in different sizes. It can also be used in brewing dairy, coatings, chemical, food, beverage and other comparable industries

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