Varenummer: Tempest

-Self cleaning
-High spray dwell time
-Identical to Tornado and Typhoon for maintenance purposes
-Special locking mechanism for marine application
-19 meter cleaning diameter
-1 1/2" threads

The Breconcherry Tempest features a design which is one of the most powerful, and versatile cleaning units within its class. The smooth sleek exterior, is combined with the units cleaning ability, and provides an ultra hygienic exterior surface that is perfectly suitable for use in most environments that are conscious of hygiene. The unit is powered via a simple turbine drive which ensures its low maintenance and running costs. The constant, repeatable and validatable action of the unit provides extremely powerful, stable jets that have high dwelling times, this maximises the chemical contact time and mechanical energy. Once it is combines with the new Veri-Clean validation system, the package ensures a perfect jetting cleaning system. The Tempest’s ultra sleek design, is perfectly suitable for all application where hygiene is extremely necessary. The compact nature of the designed along with the power jets, makes it perfectly suitable for cleaning a variety of vessels sizes and manufacturing equipment.

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