Varenummer: Typhoon

-Self cleaning
-High spray dwell time
-Identical to Tempest and Tornado for maintenance purposes
-Special locking mechanism for marine applications
-17 meter cleaning diameter
-1" threads

The Breconcherry Typhoon is a highly dynamic and adaptable cleaning equipment with a shiny exterior. This unit can offer exceptionally sanitized exterior surface, ideal for several sterilized surroundings and is supported by an easy to use turbine power for less maintenance and reduced administrative expenses.

The unit consists of a consistent, duplicative and justifiable movement leading to strong, firm jets with greater dwelling span and optimum chemical contact duration and mechanical energy.

The packages unite the recent Veri-Clean validation system to benefit sanitation sensitive applications. Its highly smooth structure along with the powerful jets can be utilized for cleaning several vessel volumes and production tools. Additionally, they can serve the fermenting, diary, food, chemicals, finishing, transport and liquid refreshment industries.

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