Turbo SSB 125

Article no.: Turbo SSB125

-Tank cleaning nozzle
-Stainless steel 316L
-10m cleaning diameter
-1 1/4" BSP connection

The Breconcherry Turbo SSB 125 takes the popular slotted spray ball format into its next evolutionary phase by removing the ball bearings and slowing the rotation speed down. Engineered to offer a unique pressure regulation system in the drive chamber helps to keep the rotation speed consistent under differing pressure. The unit functions with a hydraulic and PTFE bearing system which gives the unit an increased lifetime, reducing wear and potentially prohibiting any contamination issues associated with bearing degradation. Compact in design, effective in performance, and all meet the essential FDA requirements of hygiene and purity. Ideally suited to high flow, variable pressure applications where a slow constant rotation speed is required to give longer chemical dwell times for improved cleaning efficiency, and this tried and tested design makes the units truly versatile across any industry sector. The units are suitable for cleaning medium/large size vessels and manufacturing equipment.

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