Turbo SSB 75

Article no.: Turbo SSB75

-Slow constant rotation
-Ball bearing free
-Powerful fan jets
-4,5 meter cleaning diameter
-3/4" threads

The Breconcherry Turbo SSB 75 is capable of cleaning small or medium size vessels and manufacturing equipment. The Breconcherry Turbo SSB 75 has a compact design, effective in performance and lastly, it all meets the requirements of hygiene and purity. To continue, It has also a unique pressure regulation system in the drive chamber that keeps the rotation speed normal under differing pressure. The unit is compatible with a hydraulic and PTFE bearing system providing the device with an increased tool life, breaking wear and potentially eliminates any contamination issues associated with bearing degradation. Lastly, the applications is capable of functioning at low flow, variable pressure applications where a slow normal rotation speed is needed to supply longer chemical dwell times for improved cleaning efficiency.

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